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Hi readers, welcome back to Dennis Wong's blog. It has been a while since our last update here and figured we were due for it.

YOR Health has been making moves, as you could imagine. The worldwide team is at its highest number EVER and grows every single day. 

Here are some of the biggest updates:

1) They introduced the LIVE BARE movement. 

2) The company introduced a plethora of new products. The full spectrum can be found on their website. Click here to learn about one of the latest energy-boosting products.

3) CEO Dennis Wong has received a lot of media attention in the past few months, including a leadership spotlight found here

4)  They just finished their annual YOR Health conference in Las Vegas. If you are unaware of the conference, thousands of YOR Health representatives from around the world join Dennis Wong & company in an empowering conference. 

Images, videos, and stories will be coming very soon and will be found here and here

5) YOR Health published a weekly blog entitled Live Bare Blog. This is a fantastic resource that covers a healthy mindset, healthy body, healthy recipes, DIY ideas, YOR Health updates, and more. Check it out!

YOR Health Co-Founder Dennis Wong says, YOR Office is a Powerful Mobile Marketing Tool

yor office mobile app
IRs with Android connected devices can rejoice at the latest in innovative marketing technology from YOR Health: YOR Office. Now, Dennis Wong answers questions about the app and its capabilities.

Q: What is YOR Office?

Dennis: YOR Office is a new app available for IRs on the Android platform. Quite simply, it is a mobile marketing tool which allows easy access to team member performance, organization highlights, and even shipment information. We’ve also added features for news, reports, and enrollment.

YOR Health 2014 Champions Crowned!

Dennis Wong YOR Health
Recently, the winners of the 2014 YOR Health Best Body 8 Week Challenge were crowned to thunderous applause from delighted fans. During this year’s event, over 500,000 global online votes were cast. These living legends have been added into the pantheon of champions recorded in YOR Health history, says Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder.

Q: Describe the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge to us. What are the categories?

YOR Health co-founder: The YOR Best Body 8 Week Challenge is split into four categories: Women's Slim, Women's Sculpt, Men's Slim, and Men's Sculpt. The champions were announced and crowned at the YOR Health Annual Conference in Miami.

Q: What did the First Place winner receive?

YOR Health co-founder: Our first place winners were given $3000 cash onstage, a relaxing trip for two at a resort, a shopping spree at an exclusive fashion center in Miami, and a professional photo shoot to showcase their brand new looks and lifestyles. They were also able to indulge in fun and relaxing activities such as golf, tennis, spa services and water sports, and enjoy fabulous food.

Dennis Wong Explains Decision to Utilize Social Networking for YOR Health

Social Media opportunitiesYOR Health works with independent representatives from across the globe to market numerous enzyme-based supplements. Co-Founder Dennis Wong is often questioned about why he chose to rely on the platform of network marketing to sell his company’s products. Dennis Wong explains that the decision was based on one central, reoccurring theme: building strong relationships.

A stronger personal network

By all accounts, Dennis Wong is a soft spoken yet enthusiastic entrepreneur. When he founded his business more than a decade ago, he knew he wanted to share the products with his friends and family. Dennis Wong says this gave him the opportunity to illustrate the benefits to people he respected. And, being able to use himself as a living example of the effectiveness of the products, Dennis Wong built relationships that resulted in more sales and, more importantly, healthier people in his personal network.

Happiness is a Big Subject

Dennis WongDennis Wong is a true rags-to-riches success story. Leaving poverty-stricken Hong Kong at five years old, Wong and his family rose from the bottom to overcome the unknown. Today, Dennis Wong is a thriving entrepreneur. Here, the founding father of YOR Health answers common questions on a seemingly simple subject, happiness, and explains how his company is allowing countless individuals to experience it for the first time.

Q: What is happiness?

Wong: Happiness is different for everyone. Psychologists and philosophers have spent their entire careers trying to answer this question and modern-day Americans have spent billions of dollars in its pursuit. Happiness is a big subject with three basic elements. To achieve happiness most people simply need good health, enough wealth to sustain their wants, and the self-awareness to know where they stand.

Dennis Wong Discusses Network Marketing as a Career

career in network marketingNetwork marketing is an increasingly popular way of making money as either part-time or full-time employment. For success in this industry, Dennis Wong states that a few basic building blocks must be put into place before any major moves are made. He discusses the options with us below.

Q: Can you describe how network marketing compares with other careers? 

Wong: Network marketing has proven to be a wonderfully fulfilling business endeavor for numerous business professionals. Although the various tasks involved with operating a business can be overwhelming at first, any career pursuit will contain some level of stress and pressure. Network marketing is mostly based on helping people reach their greatest potential and providing them the platform to achieve long-term business goals. Success in business often translates into a feeling of purpose and self-confidence that extends into all aspects of life.

Dennis Wong Explores Steps to Individual Well-Being

Dennis WongMr. Dennis Wong co-founded YOR Health in 2008. Today, YOR Health is recognized as a powerful voice for nutrition and healthier living. However, YOR Health is much more than a company that sells health products, says Dennis Wong, whose vision is to bring healthier living, financial happiness, and personal well-being to everyone around the world.

According to Dennis Wong, we all have dreams. We just don't all believe we can achieve them. Each person must determine the steps required in order to improve his or her life. It is essential to identify one’s chosen destination. This vision will be the motivation to keep fighting for what you believe in. Here, Dennis Wong provides several steps to achieve such a goal.

• Identify what you don’t want.

List everything you don’t want in your life. This may seem like an unlikely place to start, but it is important to identify this negative energy first and get these thoughts out into the open.


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