YOR Health 2014 Champions Crowned!

Dennis Wong YOR Health
Recently, the winners of the 2014 YOR Health Best Body 8 Week Challenge were crowned to thunderous applause from delighted fans. During this year’s event, over 500,000 global online votes were cast. These living legends have been added into the pantheon of champions recorded in YOR Health history, says Dennis Wong co-founder.

Q: Describe the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge to us. What are the categories?

YOR Health co-founder: The YOR Best Body 8 Week Challenge is split into four categories: Women's Slim, Women's Sculpt, Men's Slim, and Men's Sculpt. The champions were announced and crowned at the YOR Health Annual Conference in Miami.

Q: What did the First Place winner receive?

YOR Health co-founder: Our first place winners were given $3000 cash onstage, a relaxing trip for two at a resort, a shopping spree at an exclusive fashion center in Miami, and a professional photo shoot to showcase their brand new looks and lifestyles. They were also able to indulge in fun and relaxing activities such as golf, tennis, spa services and water sports, and enjoy fabulous food.

Q: What are the rules for participating in the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge?

YOR Health co-founder: Participants need to submit a Before & After Photo Transformation. The purpose of the photos is to demonstrate a clear body transformation that has been achieved through the use of YOR Health products in conjunction with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and hard work. The final step is to submit an essay describing how participating in the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge along with using YOR Health products changed their life.

Q: Can anyone participate?

YOR Health co-founder: In order to participate you must first be a registered customer with YOR Health. But registration is absolutely free.


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