Catch up on the latest with YOR Health, Dennis Wong, and more

Hi readers, welcome back to Dennis Wong's blog. It has been a while since our last update here and figured we were due for it.

YOR Health has been making moves, as you could imagine. The worldwide team is at its highest number EVER and grows every single day. 

Here are some of the biggest updates:

1) They introduced the LIVE BARE movement. 

2) The company introduced a plethora of new products. The full spectrum can be found on their website. Click here to learn about one of the latest energy-boosting products.

For more click to visit:

3) CEO Dennis Wong has received a lot of media attention in the past few months, including a leadership spotlight found here

4)  They just finished their annual YOR Health conference in Las Vegas. If you are unaware of the conference, thousands of YOR Health representatives from around the world join Dennis Wong & company in an empowering conference. 

Images, videos, and stories will be coming very soon and will be found here and here

5) YOR Health published a weekly blog entitled Live Bare Blog. This is a fantastic resource that covers a healthy mindset, healthy body, healthy recipes, DIY ideas, YOR Health updates, and more. Check it out!

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