Dennis Wong Explores Steps to Individual Well-Being

Dennis WongMr. Dennis Wong co-founded YOR Health in 2008. Today, YOR Health is recognized as a powerful voice for nutrition and healthier living. However, YOR Health is much more than a company that sells health products, says Dennis Wong, whose vision is to bring healthier living, financial happiness, and personal well-being to everyone around the world.

According to Dennis Wong, we all have dreams. We just don't all believe we can achieve them. Each person must determine the steps required in order to improve his or her life. It is essential to identify one’s chosen destination. This vision will be the motivation to keep fighting for what you believe in. Here, Dennis Wong provides several steps to achieve such a goal.

• Identify what you don’t want.

List everything you don’t want in your life. This may seem like an unlikely place to start, but it is important to identify this negative energy first and get these thoughts out into the open.

• Specify your dream; what do you want?

List everything that you do want in your life. Be as specific and detailed as you can be. There's no right or wrong way to do this. Dream big and list everything you can think of, as if it were actually all possible.

• List your goals, categories, and time lines.

Most people can identify specific priorities, including money, career, material things, health, love, contributions to the world, and fun. Take each goal and put it into a category. This will clarify the vision and dream you are creating.

• Create an action plan.

Without a vision, a timeline, and a destination, it simply won't happen, says Wong. You must create an action plan. Create forward momentum, and what seemed impossible before, will start to seem possible now. New opportunities will pop up, new doors will start to open, and new people will come into your life.

Dennis Wong and YOR Health aim to promote mutual understanding, friendship, openness, cooperation, unity, and lasting peace. While most businesses thrive on competition, YOR Health sees a unique opportunity to attain success through sharing happiness and helping others.


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