Diverse Uses of Rosewater

From ancient Egypt until today, rosewater has been a versatile ingredient in skincare and bathing rituals, food and beverage flavorings, and even religious ceremonies. Rosewater was one of Cleopatra’s favorite components of her bathing habits, and this fragrant substance still carries on today as a popular choice for inclusion in cosmetics and beauty products, according to Dennis Wong (www.linkedin.com/in/denniswongonline).

What is Rosewater?

Rosewater is the extract of rose petals. The petals are steeped in water, much like making tea. Once the petals have steeped for a period of time, the water is infused with the delicate fragrance of the roses – in fact, essential oils from the rose petals have transferred to the water. Rosewater is also a byproduct of the direct distillation of rose oil from whole rose flowers and rose petals.

Many cosmetics manufacturers and distributors dilute rosewater with additives or boost the scent with artificial ingredients. It is critical to source only 100% pure rosewater, or you can make it yourself using simple household equipment and fresh rose petals.

Properties of Rosewater

Rosewater is known for possessing several health-benefitting properties. In addition to the delicate fragrance, rosewater is:

  • Antibacterial
  • Astringent
  • Antioxidant

These three properties combine to produce powerful anti-aging effects. Rosewater reduces inflammation as it strips away free radicals from the skin; these are substances that can cause the signs of aging. Rosewater also helps to balance healthy oil levels in the hair and skin, producing a glowing tone and a youthful appearance.

Try incorporating rosewater into your bathing and skincare rituals. The fresh fragrance will awaken the senses as the properties of this miracle potion work to help your skin and hair look their very best.


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