Dennis Wong Discusses Network Marketing as a Career

career in network marketingNetwork marketing is an increasingly popular way of making money as either part-time or full-time employment. For success in this industry, Dennis Wong states that a few basic building blocks must be put into place before any major moves are made. He discusses the options with us below.

Q: Can you describe how network marketing compares with other careers? 

Wong: Network marketing has proven to be a wonderfully fulfilling business endeavor for numerous business professionals. Although the various tasks involved with operating a business can be overwhelming at first, any career pursuit will contain some level of stress and pressure. Network marketing is mostly based on helping people reach their greatest potential and providing them the platform to achieve long-term business goals. Success in business often translates into a feeling of purpose and self-confidence that extends into all aspects of life.

Q: Is a significant amount of money required to be a network marketer?

Wong: In network marketing, individuals are generally working on an even playing field. Network marketing primarily focuses on personal relationships, not bank accounts. A career in network marketing means developing an appealing work environment with co-workers. It also means maintaining a balanced schedule that allows for ample free time to spend with family and friends.

Q: What is the key component for new network marketers?

Wong: Network marketers must know how to offer value to all prospective clients while serving them in a generous, respectful manner. If their needs are met, then the business will inevitably succeed. The only possible restriction for network marketers is the increasingly volatile state of the free market.

Q: What can be the major challenges of network marketing?

Wong: At its foundation, network marketing relies on driving sales for a company or organization. Network marketers are compensated solely on their ability to close sales. Doing so requires the presentation of an essential product or service that will stand out in the crowded marketplace.

Q: How does someone get started in this field?

Wong: Developing business in a sales organization requires a significant amount of work and successful planning. Leadership might be the most fundamental aspect of all. The qualities necessary for success include commitment, communication skills and a passion for productivity. Creativity is a critical tool when matching employees with tasks that fit their specific abilities and interests.


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