Happiness is a Big Subject

Dennis WongDennis Wong is a true rags-to-riches success story. Leaving poverty-stricken Hong Kong at five years old, Wong and his family rose from the bottom to overcome the unknown. Today, Dennis Wong is a thriving entrepreneur. Here, the founding father of YOR Health answers common questions on a seemingly simple subject, happiness, and explains how his company is allowing countless individuals to experience it for the first time.

Q: What is happiness?

Wong: Happiness is different for everyone. Psychologists and philosophers have spent their entire careers trying to answer this question and modern-day Americans have spent billions of dollars in its pursuit. Happiness is a big subject with three basic elements. To achieve happiness most people simply need good health, enough wealth to sustain their wants, and the self-awareness to know where they stand.

Q: How can owning a business help you achieve happiness?

Wong: Being in control of your own destiny is very liberating. YOR Health entrepreneurs enjoy the added benefit at helping others – as well as themselves – manage their health. It is evident at our YOR Health conferences and meet-ups that that our representatives feel a great sense of fulfillment from this job.

Q: How does YOR Health help Independent Representatives achieve their goals?

Wong: Most of our reps actually start out as product users. By using and understanding YOR Health products, our reps are in a better position to market them to others who may benefit from our weight management, digestive health, and other supplements. YOR Health also provides significant training, exceptional support, and numerous events throughout the year that allow budding businessmen and women to mingle with established entrepreneurs.

Q: Why does YOR Health play such heavy emphasis on the health and well-being of their representatives?

Wong: We value the people that represent us – representatives and customers included – and want them to know that we will stand with them in their search to attain freedom and guide them on to the path where their objectives will be blocked with fewer obstacles. Simply put, this business is about the people first because without them there is no business.

To learn more about YOR Health, visit them online at YORhealth.com.


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