Dennis Wong Explains Decision to Utilize Social Networking for YOR Health

Social Media opportunitiesYOR Health works with independent representatives from across the globe to market numerous enzyme-based supplements. Co-Founder Dennis Wong is often questioned about why he chose to rely on the platform of network marketing to sell his company’s products. Dennis Wong explains that the decision was based on one central, reoccurring theme: building strong relationships.

A stronger personal network

By all accounts, Dennis Wong is a soft spoken yet enthusiastic entrepreneur. When he founded his business more than a decade ago, he knew he wanted to share the products with his friends and family. Dennis Wong says this gave him the opportunity to illustrate the benefits to people he respected. And, being able to use himself as a living example of the effectiveness of the products, Dennis Wong built relationships that resulted in more sales and, more importantly, healthier people in his personal network.

Helping others help themselves

Dennis Wong says that utilizing network marketing allows his representatives to build a business. These independent salespeople are then able to create the wealth they need to support their families, enjoy more free time, or give back to their community, explains Dennis Wong.

While it might be easier to manufacture products and sit them on a store shelf, Dennis Wong explains that only a number of people benefit from that method of marketing—those at the top. Dennis Wong believes in helping others help themselves, and that is exactly what the self-employed representatives of the YOR Health brand do. Additionally, Dennis Wong explains that as these reps build relationships with their clients, they are often presented the opportunity to show other people how to shape their own success.

A stronger business

From a business standpoint, Dennis Wong reports that the network allows for open communication between the end user and product manufacturer. This openness offers the customer more freedom to communicate what they like or don’t like about YOR Health products. And, Dennis Wong explains that commissioned representative are more likely to voice opinions about how corporations are being operated. This ensures that YOR Health leadership is continually aware of operational deficiencies. According to Dennis Wong, when both the customer and the company representatives feel the relationship is strong enough to voice concern or criticism, the business is stronger for everyone.

About network marketing

When many people hear the term “network marketing,” they immediately begin to envision a tacky sales presentation in the back of a smoke-filled restaurant, quips Dennis Wong. However, in reality, network marketing is simply the process of allowing the representative to take control of his or her business by personally using and demonstrating the product to those around them. Many globally respected companies have employed network marketing very successfully, notes Dennis Wong. In a well-established network, Dennis Wong says customers become reps because they desire to share the product and company with those they love. This model works for YOR Health, explains Dennis Wong, simply because the products are effective, competitively priced, scientifically proven, and supported by exceptional customer service.

YOR Health founder

Dennis Wong grew up in a tight knit but poor community in Hong Kong. He says that if not for a strong network of family and friends he would not have had the support he needed to become the man he is today. Today, Dennis Wong oversees a staff of industry professionals who ensure that the YOR Health brand remains loyal to both its customers and representatives by providing superior nutrition.


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