Dennis Wong Discusses the Qualities of Successful Leaders

Entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Dennis Wong is the co-founder of YOR Health, an nutritional products organization based in Irvine, California, dedicated to helping others pursue and live healthier lives. YOR Health offers nutritional products to customers around the world. YOR Health’s worldwide network of independent representatives offers the opportunity to gain wealth and happiness through hard work and dedication as they help others achieve their nutritional and health goals.

Q: To what do you attribute the remarkable success of YOR Health?

Wong: I believe our greatest strength lies with our people. Our independent representatives believe in the work they do and possess the leadership qualities that help them—and YOR Health— achieve maximum success.

Q: What key qualities are necessary for your independent representatives to excel at YOR Health?

Wong: At YOR Health, as in any successful organization, leadership is what provides the support, guidance and motivation to allow its people to achieve goals and reach even greater success. Without the strong leadership of YOR Health’s management team and independent representatives, YOR Health would not be in the successful position it enjoys today.

Q: In your opinion, what qualities define a great leader? What do you look for in your independent representatives?

Dennis Wong: A good leader is someone who has the desire to help others and searches for ways to help them. A great leader is someone who inspires others by his or her passion for life. It is more of a “show” rather than a “tell” scenario. A great leader’s passion for life can be revealed in his or her excitement for the company, a product, or whatever else brings out the most enthusiasm. YOR Health achieves this by offering an amazing product line that benefits people, an astounding community that inspires individuals to greater heights than they could have ever imagined, and a company culture that is, in itself, a celebration of life.

Q: How are these qualities developed?

Wong: Our leaders understand that to help others, we must first build a solid foundation for ourselves. It’s imperative that we have something to offer that will make a positive difference in the world. YOR Health is committed to improving lives in three key ways: physically, financially and mentally.


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