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Dennis Wong
In 2004, entrepreneur Dennis Wong was diagnosed with several medical conditions that had this thriving businessman question everything about his life. He’d been working with his sister since 1996 selling IT services to businesses. Wong had previous real estate and electrical engineering experience but felt he needed to make a major change in order to take control of his personal health.

Learning everything he could about nourishment and how it worked within the body, Wong made the decision to transition his business from information technology to nutrition and healthcare products and research. He and his sister/business partner strenuously researched product manufacturers and found what he describes as “a match made in heaven” with a prominent product developer.

YOR Health was born out of a personal need that Wong had to get healthy and keep his employees working. The gamble paid off and today, YOR Health has helped countless people – including himself – reclaim their health and happiness and gain financial peace. He claims the “instant” success of the company was the product of much hard work and divine intervention. Wong is often quoted as saying he is the luckiest man alive to have transitioned from poverty to prestige by way of doing something that has made a difference in the lives of so many. The YOR Health CEO, along with his business partners, are living proof that success can happen when it’s least expected.

YOR Health is owned by Dennis Wong and a handful of partners. The company is overseen by a scientific advisory board that includes J. Stephen McColgan, MD and John R. Bookwalter, MD. Dennis Wong credits these and many other medical and athletic advisory board members for ensuring that YOR Health products consistently remain superior nutrition.

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