YOR Health Co-Founder Dennis Wong says, YOR Office is a Powerful Mobile Marketing Tool

yor office mobile app
IRs with Android connected devices can rejoice at the latest in innovative marketing technology from YOR Health: YOR Office. Now, Dennis Wong answers questions about the app and its capabilities.

Q: What is YOR Office?

Dennis: YOR Office is a new app available for IRs on the Android platform. Quite simply, it is a mobile marketing tool which allows easy access to team member performance, organization highlights, and even shipment information. We’ve also added features for news, reports, and enrollment.

Q: Does the app connect with IRs’ accounts?

Dennis: Yes, it does. YOR Office allows for easy retrieval of data on the Free With Three program, cycle earnings and points, and current GPV.

Q: What tools are available on the Dashboard?

Dennis: This is the feature we are most excited about. The Dashboard is sort of the central hub of data for following all sorts of user activity, including a Luxury Car Bonus Tracker. In addition to other features, YOR Office boasts a convenient To-Do List and news banners.

Q: Where is this app available for purchase?

Dennis: YOR Office is a free program available on the Google Play Store and is available in English, Spanish, and French.


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